The success of the Stratton Foundation is largely due to the many people who contribute generously of their time and talent to organize events, help in the office, and solicit contributions. We organize several major community fundraising events throughout the year. Help is needed in the planning, preparation and execution.

You can be involved as little or as much as you want to – from offering a few hours of your time to serving on a committee or assisting with an entire event. It is fun and very rewarding to work side-by-side with others who care deeply about our community.

Lots of teens, both local and those visiting Vermont volunteer to receive COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS.  



Contact the Foundation office, either via e-mail or telephone Tammy Mosher at (802) 297-2096. Together we can talk about what you would like to do or you may offer some special skills or talents that we would be fortunate to utilize.



On July 4, 2015, the Stratton Foundation held a special gathering at the Green Apron Restaurant, at the Stratton Golf Course, to thank all for helping to plan, participate in, and contribute to our many events, none of which would be so fabulous without all of the VOLUNTEERS.  We thank you deeply!   

“Teen Ambassador” Awards Presented to Zoe Kost, Sam Kost, and Sarah Griffith

Three years ago, Sam, Zoe, and Sarah met with Michael Cobb wishing to help with the 24 Hours of Stratton, and each year the girls organized two “Teen Teams” with 16 members raising $12,000. The first two years, the girls met with Michael & Alan Bushell to learn the importance of public relations and marketing. Each weekend, they spent time in the village promoting the event – handing out stickers, and educating guests about the 24 Hours.  The girls hosted tables at the Taste of     Vermont, educating and helping folks register, and telling them about the work of the Stratton Foundation.  This year, the girls organized a team and raised over $10,000, promoting the event through the ski school and coaching programs.  They also distributed marketing pieces around the resort, and helped to launch social media activity to heighten the buzz and excitement about the 24 Hours of Stratton.  Samatha, Zoe, and Sarah check in with the Foundation every time they are at Stratton asking what tasks need to be done to help.  These three girls are responsible, dependable, and are wonderful role models and leaders among their peers.

Thank you girls! 


“Volunteer of the Year” Award presented to Carlee Miller

Carlee first volunteered for the Foundation two years ago and has helped at every event since.  When Carlee helps, it is like the weight of the world is lifted because she can lead a major or challenging task or situation, and she’ll say ‘got it.’  What is also great is that Carlee usually comes as ‘two people’ because as we all know, when you volunteer for something, either your spouse, children or fiancé get dragged into it as well, (Thank you Nick).  

Thank you Carlee!