As philanthropists, we share in the mission to make a difference. It is a love of community and a passion to make things better. It embraces the now; it gives hope, and provides momentum to secure the future. Meeting the basic human needs of hunger, warmth, and well-being provides an opportunity for children to grow up healthy, focus on their education, and set on a path to success and economic independence. 

Since founded in 1996, the Foundation has distributed nearly $1.5M into our local Vermont communities to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and raise their children here.  Historically, the Foundation funded small pieces of larger projects.  In 2011, the Foundation raised and distributed over $425,000 to families, businesses, schools, and towns in order to rebuild, repair, and recover from Hurricane Irene, positioning the Foundation as a major resource for assistance in southern Vermont .  

Over the past three years, the Foundation has secured a large and stable opportunity of giving through the proceeds of major events with foothold, and through the copious goodwill and partnership with the Stratton Mountain Resort.  

Today, the Stratton Foundation continues to make a big impact by helping in a way that changes lives, policy, creates programs, and helps hundreds of families.  Our ‘network of good’ includes working closely with schools, administrators and nurses, health and social services, and state organizations to address significant gaps in critically needed services, including:    

  • Children’s Nutritious Backpack Programs

  • Healthy Food, Holiday Meals, and Winter Clothing Distribution

  • Youth Mental Health & Social Services

  • Security to children who are ill, traumatized, or in-need

  • Assistance with heat

  • Youth dental and medical care

  • Mentoring, tutoring, and educational services

  • Incidences of Emergency and Disaster Relief

  • ‘Student Success’ for at-risk youth

  • First-Generation College Scholarships

Collectively, it is possible to create a critical mass of action which results in efficiencies and impact. 

Collectively, we are the Stratton Foundation.  

For more information contact the Stratton Foundation: 802.297.2096 or