Our local children and families in-need, need your help.

The Stratton Foundation frequently receives requests for ‘things’ such as supplies for home emergency repair, appliances or household items, personal necessities, books and school supplies, services, and more!

The Angel Outreach Network is a proud partnership of community businesses and individuals willing to donate or offer a discount in times of need. 

Proud Members

Home Depot NH
Homestead Landscaping
Carla & Scott Howard
Langway Chevrolet of Manchester
Londonderry Hardware
Northshire Bookstore
Pharmacy Northshire
rk Miles
Vermont Pest Control
Wise Oak
Wohler Realty Group

Amy & John McHugh
Bennington Furniture
Bromley View Inn
Brook Valley Appliance
Caroline Honorowski
Cota & Cota
Covey & Nye
Debbie & Steven Kass
Elizabeth Braudis
Equipe Sport
Green Mountain Pharmacy
Habitat Resale Store

How does it work?

The Stratton Foundation coordinates directly with schools, social services, and other organizations to assess the criteria and urgency of requests received from families within southern Vermont.

Emails listing needs are sent out one/twice a month, and Angel Members can respond as desired. The Stratton Foundation then works to connect the needs to the family, assisting on a human and financial level. 

As poverty in our area increases and government resources decrease, we strive to care for our neighbors in-need.

Thank you to all who have joined!

I Wish to Join the Network

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