We depend on the generosity of our partners to maintain and support the Stratton Foundation, our events, and our community.  We are grateful to all of our sponsors for their value of Goodwill and commitment to helping Vermont children and families living in economic hardship and without basic necessities. 

Thank you!

The Stratton Mountain Resort makes an incredible contribution to the Stratton Foundation every year, in resources, marketing, and manpower, as well as helps to build and strengthen partnerships through their powerful brand, giving back to the Stratton Mountain and Valley Community to help Vermont children & families.

Thank you Stratton

Through the generosity of the Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation, the Stratton Foundation offers a unique Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Scholarship opportunity as a powerful engine to facilitate the mindset shift out of poverty.  At-risk teens create a plan, mapping a new vision for the future and steps necessary to reach a desired goal, such as completing an internship, a college course, or a special training; things that go beyond their family’s financial reach or seen as an insurmountable obstacle, but critical in turning vision into action. Through these experiences, teens will realize they can overcome challenges, rise above poverty, value education and themselves as their greatest asset, and be empowered to succeed.

In 2019, the Brown Family awarded a $17,500 grant to support a new Stratton Foundation HS to MS Youth Mentorship Program, building cross-age friendships for positive development, especially high impact social and emotional learning. The Mentorship will bridge high-school Success Scholars to younger children to make a connection and spark a new desire to thrive and succeed.

Trustees: Charlie Brown, Rob Brown, Keith Brown Dubois, pictured with founding trustee, Dr. Charles S. Brown. Since 2016, the Brown Family has partnered in the mission to break the cycle of generational poverty through innovative initiatives in education. Since 2016 awarding over $100,000 to the Stratton Foundation.

Trustees: Charlie Brown, Rob Brown, Keith Brown Dubois, pictured with founding trustee, Dr. Charles S. Brown. Since 2016, the Brown Family has partnered in the mission to break the cycle of generational poverty through innovative initiatives in education. Since 2016 awarding over $100,000 to the Stratton Foundation.

Since 2014, Mr. Todd Richter has generously gifted first-generation scholarships to local high school seniors who are the first in their family to attend college.  In fact, our local high schools still witness seniors who are the first in their family to graduate high school, often needing to work to contribute to the family’s economic situation or without encouragement and resources to realize their full potential.  Through an application process, teens who recognize the value of further education as life-changing and demonstrate financial need are considered. 


Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) began its Children’s Dental Health Program in 2016.  Under this program a dental hygienist visits area schools to educate and treat children in their school environments.   Many of these children do not have a regular dentist; some have never been to a dentist. The Stratton Community Foundation in partnership with SMCS, shares in the commitment to improve the dental health of children and through Foundation funding has extended the program's reach to include children from high poverty communities across southern Vermont. Springfield Medical Care Systems is a not-for-profit, community-based health care system that includes a ten-site community health center network and Springfield Hospital. SMCS serves southeastern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire. 


For over 80 years the Agnes. M. Lindsay Trust has provided financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that help those in need.  The Trust's areas of giving include Health and Welfare, Dental/Oral Health, Education, and Camperships, supporting the Stratton Foundation's mission to offer free dental care to low income families and children through dental equipment and special programs.  The Agnes Lindsay Trust has granted over $8,000 to share in the purchase of a Pedo Xray Sensor to be able to take photos of young children's mouths and to extend the Kid's Dental Health Program for children in high poverty areas within the Foundation's footprint.  


Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region (Albany, NY) has supported the Stratton Foundation since 2011 as we share in the mission to create, seek, and support programs and services that directly improve the health and well-being of children.   RMHC has provided funding for Hurricane Irene Relief, and Moving Mountains initiatives to breakdown barriers of poverty so that a child can focus on his/her education.  

Thank you Ronald McDonald House Charities.


In partnership with the Burr & Burton Academy, the Stratton Foundation supports the Student Success Program, targeting at-risk teens who aspire to be first-generation college graduates, or who are not yet fulfilling their potential. Since the program's launch in 2013, more than 100 teens have experienced the Student Success Program that provides an intensive focus on mentoring, relationship building, and visioning so students learn to see and seize opportunities made possible through education. Beginning with a summer Success Camp, work continues through the school year with an emphasis on keeping sight of goals, developing habits and skills that lead to success, and recognizing that personal growth comes through the constant pursuit of excellence. This partnership puts us all at the forefront in the fight for the future of our young people, so that our young people become educational groundbreakers in their families, breaking the cycle of generational poverty. 

Thank you Burr & Burton.

Each year the Vermont Challenge organizes a 1-4 day bike tour through Southern Vermont, collecting donations and giving a portion of registration fees back into the communities that welcomed and hosted the event.  Since it began in 2012, the Vermont Challenge has provided over $28,000 to organizations that align with the mission of the Stratton Foundation, providing basic necessities and services to Vermont children and families living in economic hardship.  Proceeds from each ride are equally distributed to Black River Good Neighbors - Okemo, Jamaica-Wardsboro Community Food Pantry - Stratton, BROC Community Action "Feed the Freezer" - Killington, Meals on Wheels - Bennington/Manchester, Grace Cottage Hospital - Townshend, and Stratton Mountain Urgent Care/Carlos Otis Clinic - Stratton.  

Thank you Vermont Challenge.