Help give Vermont children in need their dignity, and a fresh outlook on life through the gift of a new pair of sneakers.


Ways to DONATE:

(1) Donate $50 per child towards purchase of new sneakers 

Mail checks to:
PO Box 523 Stratton Mountain Vermont 05155
EIN 04-3343551

(2) Gift a Brand New or "Like New" pair of sneakers in condition that a child can wear with dignity.


Wohler Realty Group in Winhall
Stratton Mountain Club
The Stratton Foundation in the Stratton Village (next to Head Case)


Debbie Kass, Kicks4Kids Chair:
The Stratton Foundation:

The condition of a child's shoes is one of the most visible signs of poverty, impacting their preparedness to learn, ability to play, and capacity to thrive.  Children in poverty wear shoes that can be filthy, too big or too small, or taped to extend their purpose exposing them to the painful stigma of economic difficulty, all for the lack of what they cannot afford.

1 in 5 American children are in desperate need of shoes. Vermont’s 2nd leading problem is childhood poverty.
Over 2,000 children within our footprint live in hardship as our rural communities and schools witness staggering poverty rates as high as 80% across the region.

In Spring 2019, the Stratton Foundation distributed 500 pairs of new sneakers and socks to children across southern Vermont, thanks to the generosity of our donors!

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Thank you Kicks4VTKids Partners

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Like all kids, children in poverty want to fit in with their peers.  Shoes carry a lot of status, and it breaks my heart to see some children wearing ill-fitting, worn out shoes.  When my students get new shoes, you can see it most on their faces. I would love to be able to recognize need and address it in a way that is meaningful and immediate.  Through our collaboration with the Stratton Foundation, I will be able to assist the families in poverty that I serve in ways that will have an immediate impact and will alleviate some of the stresses associated with rural poverty.
— Scotty Tabachnick – Newbrook
We see so many students whose families can’t afford new sneakers that fit the child.  Very often they get hand me downs or second-hand store shoes that are very worn and most times are too big or too small.  Having shoes that don’t fit properly will cause the child to fall more often, especially with overly big shoes.  Worn out shoes do not give the child any support and can cause physical problems over a longer period of time.  Also, it is hard to watch a child with a new pair of sneakers show them off because it tends to make the child with the second-hand sneakers embarrassed and sad.  Students that come from families in need have a harder time fitting in with their peers. When a child in need gets new sneakers, it makes a difference. The student feels like they fit in. They walk prouder and seem surer of themselves. They also can participate in gym class like everyone else, instead of making excuses as to why they didn’t bring sneakers to gym class.
— Heidi Russ- Townshend
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