The Stratton Foundation seeks programs, as well as accepts requests for grants year-round.  Major funding requests (>$5,000) are awarded primarily in March/April of each fiscal year – Suggested deadline is February.  Smaller requests and Emergency Assistance Grants are considered year-round.  

The fundamental criteria include:

  • The organization or family must be located or reside within the Stratton Foundation’s footprint in towns within the shadow of Stratton Mountain: Arlington, Danby, Dorset, Jamaica, Landgrove, Londonderry, Manchester, Peru, South Londonderry, Stratton, Sunderland, Townshend, Weston, Wardsboro, Windham, Winhall.  
  • The program addresses helping children with basic necessities, education, or other challenges associated with poverty.   


The Stratton Foundation Emergency Assistance Grant (EAG) provides direct financial assistance to individuals and families experiencing hardship due to an unexpected event or incidence of emergency beyond a person’s control that in the short term makes it difficult to provide basic life necessities of safety, security, sanitation, for themselves and/or their families.

Consideration requires referral/qualification from reliable third-party:  Neighborhood Connections, Just Neighbors, SEVCA, churches, school administrator, Red Cross, etc., or otherwise at the discretion of the Foundation.

 All personal information and documentation is held strictly confidential. Requests are reviewed by the Stratton Foundation Board of Directors as received.

To request assistance, please contact us directly at (802) 297-2096 or email at


The Stratton Foundation accepts requests for programs that provide services of necessity for children in-need.  

Examples include - hunger, educational opportunities, warmth, well-being, and health. Requests are first reviewed by the Executive Director, then discussed and approved/denied by the Foundation Board of Directors during quarterly meetings.  Major requests (programs > $5,000) should be submitted no later than February.

To request a grant, please submit a letter/email to the Stratton Foundation at and include the following information:
  • Primary Contact title & information;
  • Town/Population within the existing Stratton Foundation footprint served/impacted by the program;
  • Necessity target / fulfilled;
  • Amount being requested.

First Generation Scholarship

The Stratton Foundation provides a First Generation Endowment Scholarship to local Vermont high-school graduates.  

For more information, contact your HS Guidance Counselor.  



The Foundation may require the completion of a full program proposal.   For more information contact us directly at or call (802) 297-2096.