Stratton Archives

Photographs, posters, trophies, signs, and a myriad of items of Stratton‘s colorful history are on display in the Stratton Foundation office.

Archive coordinator Kimet Hand, maintains extensive files by decade of Stratton’s history, as told through annual reports, documents, letters, photographs, ski ball programs, and back copies of the Stratton Magazine from its early days as the “Stratton Spectator” through the present day four color award winning quarterly.

The Archives Collection has been blessed with some significant donations over the years from:

  • The Snyder and Henrich families
  • Ski Patrolman Vic Szymanski
  • Rick Hube
  • Alois and Adriane Lechner
  • Otto and Toni Egger
  • Hubert Schriebl
  • And more!

Stratton History

Emo Henrich

Emo Henrich was Stratton’s first Ski School director and is well-known for bringing the Austrian spirit and culture to Stratton in the early sixties. He not only directed the Stratton Ski School, but also founded and performed with the Stratton Mountain Boys, a group of talented ski instructor/musicians, who entertained legions of Stratton families with their popular Tyrolean music and dance.

In addition to his athletic and musical talents, Emo was also a renowned artist and woodworker.  Emo had extremely high standards for his ski instructors and musicians. He led by example and was not only gracious, but a genuine gentleman. He felt Stratton’s guests were “kings” and his job to do whatever he could do to provide generations of Stratton visitors  with joyful experience on snow and off. . Emo, who made such a lasting impact on the Stratton Mountain community, passed away in May of 2009.

The Emo Henrich Award, begun by the Stratton Corporation in 1987, is presented annually by the Stratton Foundation. Recipients are those who, like Emo, have made a lasting impact on Stratton Mountain, and who are recognized for excellence in their profession and or for exemplary community service.

  • 2017 Award Recipients - Adriane & Alois Lechner
  • 2016 Award Recipient - Lee Romano
  • 2015 Award Recipient – Sky Foulkes
  • 2014 Award Recipient – Michael Cobb
  • 2013 Award Recipient – Diana Stugger
  • 2012 Award Recipient – Kimet Hand
  • 2011 Award Recipient – Stefan Schernthaner
  • 2010 Award Recipient – our beloved Rich Hube

Tink Smith

“Tink” Smith was a stout Vermonter with a ubiquitous cigar was an avid golfer. Frank Snyder, a savvy New York businessman, was an ardent skier. From a meeting emerged the unique plan to join a major ski area with a golf course. Stratton had all the makings of a superb year-round resort. Smith secured land for the resort by trading about 5 acres of prime forest for every acre at the base of Stratton Mountain, at that time owned by International Paper. Tink was the main driver of getting the Stratton Golf Course built. 

Mr. Smith served as president and CEO of Stratton for many years. Kay Smith, Tink’s wife, started the Stratton Arts Festival and along with Tink, was the energy behind the Chapel of the Snows. As a couple, they both did a lot for the Stratton community.

Tink died Wednesday, January 31, 1996 at the age of 80.