Your donations are significant and demonstrate to the children and families who benefit from your generosity, a most powerful expression of human compassion.

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Imagine lacking sufficient income for basic needs such as warm clothing, a bed to sleep on, eating three-meals a day, or caring for your child’s health. Children born into poor economic circumstance, lack the ability to thrive all due to what their parents cannot afford, destined for a future of despair without the chance to succeed.

In Southern Vermont, poverty rates have been steadily increasing at a rate of 8-15% per year and household incomes have remained relatively stagnant for the past decade, with limited resources. Here, families have lived in poverty generation after generation.

As grassroots philanthropy, the Stratton Foundation is able to move quickly to make a direct and immediate impact, so that every child can grow up healthy, focus on education, and succeed through targeted education and life-changing opportunities. Our four primary categories of giving include:



Coats & Clothing
Boots & Sneakers
Daily Needs
Toiletries & Food
Fuel & Warmth
Emergency & Crisis



Weekends & Holiday
Backpack Programs
Kid’s Summer Food
Community Pantries
School Food Shelves
School Universal
Breakfast & Lunch



In-School Dental Hygienist
Children’s Oral Health Crisis
Support Services & Education for at-risk youth, Substance Abuse &
Mental Health
Suicide Prevention



Summer Enrichment
Targeted Programs
to foster a mindset of hope, academic & future success
First-Generation &
Life Opportunities

With your help, we are caring for the well being of our most vulnerable children and breaking the cycle of generational poverty across southern Vermont.